Sharan Foundation works for upliftment of less privileged children from slums and villages by providing them educational and financial assistance. We help them in their overall development by making them participate in various awareness programs/ campaigns and plays, teaching computer basics, typing courses, computer and memory games, puzzles, creative crafts, drawing, conducting quizzes, public speaking. We aim to make them future ready by transforming their lives. Our intention is to make them independent and self-sustaining when they grow up.


What We Do

- We teach these children some school subjects like English/Maths/Science, pay for their books and sometimes even fees
- We teach them basics of COMPUTERS and in additional free time we also make them play some computer games like sentence formation, memory games, word games, puzzles, etc.
- We educate them on important topics of Children Empowerment, Children Rights and Child Protection
- We help them with their intellectual, personality and overall development by doing activities like public speaking, creative crafts, waste from best, music (casio n guitar), etc.
- We do various awareness programs/campaigns on important days like WOMEN's Day, WATER Day, EARTH Day, NO-SMOKING day, AIDS day, etc. We help children to prepare and participate in skits/plays that are performed on stage in front of public in their areas and they also shout awareness slogans.
- to keep them engaged, involved and encouraged, we give them gifts, awards and rewards in every capacity we can, without being partial to anyone.